In this day and age there are many factors, both external and internal, which can contribute to every blemish or skin condition, each of which presents differently from person to person. No longer is it practical – or even possible – to create a single cosmetic product to address each of the myriad of potential manifestations. 

Collagenil Laboratories was born out of the need for cosmetic products that are multi-dimensional and can address more than one aspect of the appearance.  Building upon our parent company’s long history of dedicated research and innovative skin care products, Collagenil Laboratories has combined cutting edge innovations with plant-based natural ingredients to create a wide range of versatile products.

Not only are the ingredients in each Collagenil product selected for their synergy and fusion, the products themselves also work together. As a result, Collagenil Laboratories’ products give every woman an extremely effective way to dramatically improve her appearance with a simplified beauty routine.