The history of Italy’s best beauty secret, Collagenil


Italians have a beauty secret, and it’s their skincare. Developed by Italian medical professionals, Collagenil has been a European beauty secret for over 30 years.

Beauty Made In Italy

The Italians are recognized for many things and have made huge contributions to the worlds of food and art. After trying this Italian skincare brand, you will now add skincare to the list. Collagenil Laboratories has been the go-to skincare for Italians for over 30 years. Fortunately, we will no longer have to get our Collagenil as a souvenir as this proven skincare is now sold in the United States.

The Brand

Collagenil Laboratories was founded in 1985 as a subsidiary to Uniderm Farmaceutici in Rome, Italy. Both Uniderm and Collagenil were created to focus on the needs of women and together share an innovative focus in dermatology, obstetrics, and aesthetic medicine. Developed to make highly effective skincare products accessible outside of the dermatologist’s office, Collagenil focuses on minimalistic skincare products for women. Each Uniderm product is entirely designed, formulated, tested, and manufactured in Italy.

The Skincare Science

Established over decades of research in pharmaceuticals and gynecological products, the research conducted at Uniderm Farmaceutici paved the way for advanced skincare lines under Collagenil. Collagenil was developed as a response to a lack of multi-dimensional skincare products using neuropeptide technology and cutting-edge ingredients supported by science. Collagenil was formulated to be used by all, targeting all skin concerns.

The formulas are reviewed by medical professionals in the fields of aesthetic medicine and gynecology to provide you with the best anti-aging skincare products. As a company focusing on consumer wellness and female health, we pride ourselves in knowing what ingredients to avoid in skincare.

Our skincare line is formulated with powerful cosmeceuticals and bioactive ingredients scientifically proven to provide anti-aging results with regular use. Formulated to provide temporary lifting and tightening, our products are created with the cosmetic benefits of peptides and the best anti-aging skincare ingredients:

The Products

As a brand invested in sustainability, we focused on the development of products that are effective to reduce consumer waste. Collagenil was developed to be use in aesthetic medicine and work well independently or together as a part of a minimalistic skincare routine.

Formulated by experts, Collagenil products dramatically improve the appearance of your skin with a simple beauty routine. The careful selection of raw materials and suppliers ensures every product is of the highest quality. Collagenil has 20 formulas divided into 9 expertly tailored cosmetic lines for all skin types:


In 2020, Collagenil Laboratories introduced its professional line to be used in medical offices and spas known as Collagenil Elements. The medical grade skincare line is a combination of chemical peels and treatments to be used for medical purposes only in Italy. A happy and diverse group of women after a good skincare day.

A happy and diverse group of women after a good skincare day.

How Collagenil and Uniderm Can Help with your Skincare Routine

The Collagenil team continues to focus on product innovation to provide you with the best skincare for aging skin. We hope to not only provide you with the best line of skincare products but also with the most relevant anti-aging skincare information available.

Please refer to our skincare blog for more anti-aging secrets and tips. And, the next time someone mentions Italy, please do not forget to mention their fabulous skincare products.


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