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What we should do to care for our skin in the cold season

How to look after your skin during the winter months? We get asked this a lot, because regardless of individual skin characteristics, we all need a little extra care when the cold weather arrives and external aggressions towards our face increase.

Low temperatures tend to dry the skin, sometimes thicken it and generally make it more fragile. So what should we do to best look after our skin in winter?

First and foremost, nourish it. With the arrival of the cold weather, the skin - especially that of the face, which is generally more exposed - loses elasticity and is deprived of many nutrients. Nourishing means actually replacing what the skin has lost and restoring it to an optimal state, especially with regard to the lipids (fats) present in the skin. When the skin loses lipids in winter, in fact, its capacity for defence against external agents also decreases, so replenishing them becomes essential.

A second important step involves hydration. Low temperatures actually cause greater dehydration, which must then be balanced with water from both inside and outside. Opting for moisturizing treatments is a must, and even better if these are cosmeceuticals that contain a sunscreen. A very common mistake is actually to use UV filters only during the summer: damage caused by the sun, however, is a danger all year round, and should therefore be prevented in the same way. 

A great tip is to choose products containing ingredients such as jojoba oil, filaggrin or ceramides, which are responsible for improving and maintaining the balance of the hydrolipidic film, our skin's first line of defence.


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Our skin in winter: why exfoliation is important

To care for your skin in winter, your beauty routine should be like a mantra to be repeated every day. Although in summer we can get away with a little less attention, partly because our lifestyle is more relaxed, in winter our beauty routine is essential to prevent dryness, dehydration and sensitive skin issues.

Cleansing should, therefore, be gentle on the skin and must never be skipped, either in the morning or the evening, regardless of whether make-up is worn or not. A secret? Use lukewarm water which is not as harsh on the skin. The ultimate beauty routine combines a mild cleanser (like our Cleansing Detergente Restitutivo) and a gentle scrub or gommage (like our Soft-Scrub Detergente ). The fact is, exfoliation is really essential in winter: but why?

It's the best way to eliminate dead cells, in other words, the surface layer, which is more damaged by the cold, and allowing the deeper, healthy younger layer of skin to emerge.

And our final piece of advice for looking after your skin in winter? Avoid excessively warm places and temperature changes: they can cause serious irritation to the skin, which tends to become dehydrated much faster or become vascularized, causing the redness we really want to avoid!

If you want to try nourishing creams that are ideal for the cold season, don't miss the Oleoactive line of products.

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